Pūtea Manaaki (Hardship Grant)

Opens Jan 1, 2023. Closes Dec 22, 2030.

The purpose of the Pūtea Manaaki Hardship Grant is:

  • To provide support for registered Ngāi Tahu members suffering from financial hardship
  • To guide our tribal members towards self-management

Financial hardship is a situation where you are unable to meet your minimum living expenses.


  • Registered with Ngāi Tahu Whakapapa

  • Over 18 years old

  • Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu staff are not eligible to apply.

This grant is open all year round. However, applications are limited to one application every 12 months.

Level of funding available

Up to $750 can be applied for. Applications will be assessed case by case.

How to apply

Apply on Te Kopa Ora - Ngāi Tahu Grants Portal using your Ngāi Tahu log in details.

You will need your six-digit whakapapa registration number and password to log in.

If you do not have these details, please call our contact centre on 0800 524 8248 (0800 Kāi Tahu).

If you do not recall the password, please click on the ‘Forgot your password?’.

What are minimum living expenses?

  • Basic food and grocery items
  • Accommodation (including rent, mortgage repayments, interest, rates, and necessary maintenance in the home you live in)
  • Basic clothing
  • Utility bills (power, gas and telecommunications)
  • Transportation
  • Fire and general insurances
  • Medical and dental costs for good health (excludes braces)
  • School fees (excludes private schools)
  • Normal (non-luxury) household items

What is not covered?

  • Travel to see sick relatives
  • Paying off debt or credit cards
  • Holidays
  • Sky television
  • Fines or infringement notices
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Debts with collection agencies
  • Hire purchase debt relating to non-essential living expenses (such as TV and gaming purchases)

Supporting documents required for this grant:

  • Proof of identity e.g., driver's licence, passport, community services card.
  • Proof of income (WINZ letter, payslips for two pay periods).
  • Two months of most recent statements for each bank account and credit card in your name, sole or joint.
  • Evidence of all outstanding debt/accounts.
  • Copies of each invoice or bill you are asking to be paid, and the organisations verified Proof of Bank account for payment (example of a Verified Bank account)
  • Medical report/quote/invoice for medical expenses, if applicable.
  • Residential rental agreement if the grant is to be used for this purpose.

Are you a Whai Rawa member?

You may be eligible to withdraw some of your Whai Rawa due to significant financial hardship as well. Call 0800 Whai Rawa for more information on this process can take up to 10 working days upon receipt of application.

Registration with Ngāi Tahu

If you are not yet registered with Ngāi Tahu, we encourage you to begin the process. More information available here.

Contact Us

We acknowledge this may be a stressful time, we are here to help and would welcome your phone call or enquiry via email. Please do not hesitate to ask for help with your application.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 KAI TAHU (0800 524 8248) or 03 974 0326